R and R Ministries - Release and Recieve
W.Ricky and Dr.Regina Thomas are God’s appointed       stewards of the Release and Receive (R&R)
Our Mission As ordained by God, we set forth to sound the alarm, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all mankind, to activate the principle of releasing and
STATEMENT OF FAITH: We believe that God is the only one, true, and living God. His only begotten son Jesus Christ is the Messiah. We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again to receive His own unto Himself.
R&R Ministries - begin with a vision from God given to two servants who simply want to do His holy will and please God above all else. God spoke this in their Spirit in 2003 and beginning preparing the couple for a special ministry based on the Godly principle of releasing and receiving. Through the faithful servants ,God birthed "Release and Receive" R&R Ministries. In this evangelistic outreach ministry, annual conferences and revivals are held throughout the United States hoping to brings others to the knowledge and personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  
MINISTRIES: Bible Teaching/Counseling Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Consulting in Leadership and Organization Design &Development

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